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Dry Van

In freight transport, a dry van truck is an enclosed shipping container. It is built to protect the cargo being transported from bad weather, rain, and snow. Cargo transported using dry vans does not require refrigeration, hence dry van trailers aren't fitted with fridges. A dry van is a type of semi-trailer.

Power Only

What means power only? Power-only" means that the carrier supplies the semi-tractor plus truck driver (the "power unit"), while the shipper provides the trailer. When carrying freight, shippers that own or lease their trailer fleet often find power-only trucking an efficient way to get their goods where they need to go.


“Reefer” is slang for refrigerated. The truck is your standard semi-cab. However, the reefer really is just the trailer. A “reefer truck,” then, is a semi pulling a refrigerated trailer, designed to haul perishable goods. These trailers differ from cooling vans, which are just insulated and vented.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Truck Dispatcher

Outsourcing Truck Dispatch Services offer numerous benefits to owner-operators in expansion to finding high-paying loads.

1 – Truck Dispatch Services is more than just finding freight loads

It’s self-evident that truck dispatcher finds loads for carriers, but they moreover offer other services that can advantage your operation as a entirety.

  • Motor Carrier Compliance: Our truck dispatchers will guarantee that you just maintain proper motor carrier compliance so that you just can remain out of inconvenience and proceed earning a living.
  • Customer Care: Our dispatchers will not as it were offer assistance to find high-paying loads, we’ll also assist you manage connections with shippers, establishing service desires with brokers, and handling any complex issues that will emerge.
  • Manage Unexpected Delays: As a truck dispatch company, we are mindful of helping you address unexpected delays caused by climatetraffic, and other issues while you’re on the street.

Dispatch services have incentives to guarantee that the complete process from load booking, to negotiating, and transporting goes as smoothly.

2 – Outsourcing Dispatching Services Saves Time 

As an owner-operator, you’ll begin out booking loads yourself utilizing load boards. This may work well for a while, but once you begin accepting loads, you won’t have sufficient time to spend on load boards. You’re moreover missing out on openings to create more cash on higher-paying loads.

That’s where a dispatching company can offer assistance. Our dispatcher will deliver you more time to focus on working on your business and less time looking for loads.

The most cause of disappointment for most beginner owner-operators is due to the need of finding consistent loads to keep their business moving. Time is cash.

3 – Truck Dispatchers Work For You 

As truck dispatchers providing freight dispatching services, we take a percentage of your rate. This gives us the incentive to negotiate high rates for your behalf. The more cash you make, the more cash we make.


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